C Section Recovery Underwear (C panty)


Specially designed for the post c-section tummy with moderate compression helping to lift and support the weakened muscles from pregnancy and surgery allowing the new mom to move around much easier, reducing the excess bloating/gas that normally happens after surgery which will help to prevent any hanging over the incision area.


C-Panty C-Section Recovery and Slimming Underwear is your complete c-section recovery solution.
This full-coverage C-Panty helps to lift and support the weakened muscles form pregnancy and surgery. Reduces swelling and scarring around the incision and help to slim waist and shrink uterus.

Let C-Panty take care of you so you can care for baby in comfort.

  • Slims and speeds recovery after c-section
  • Abdominal compression slims post baby belly, reduces swelling and shrinks uterus
  • Compression around incision reduces pain and makes moving around more comfortable
  • Silicone panel speeds healing and reduces c-section scar while protecting and supporting c-section incision area
  • Can be worn any time after delivery up to 12 months
  • Designed by a surgeon and two-time C-section mom and recommended by OB/GYNs
  • 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex. Machine washable as delicate, line dry.
A smart alternative to Granny panties, which don’t promote healing and don’t make you feel or look better! Best for post-op and ongoing C-section recovery, from delivery to one year. C-Panty is seamless, with a full rear and gently fluted waistband. No bulk, bands, or Velcro.
What’s unique: a silicone compression panel placed over the incision site. Silicone helps skin retain moisture, which minimizes scarring and itching, while compression helps prevent swelling and supports weakened muscles. The gentle waistband rests right below the ribs, eliminating the discomfort of binding waistbands at your mid-section.
Buy your C-Panty before your scheduled c-section and add it to your c-section hospital bag.

Sizing Info:

Pant Size 2-8 = C-Panty S/M
Pant Size 10-16 = C-Panty L/XL
Pant Size 18-24 = C-Panty 1X/2X

Please note when you are choosing you size, please choose the pant size you would normally wear before the pregnancy

Additional information


S/M Pant Size 0-8, L/XL Pant Size 10-16, 1X/2X Pant Size 18-24


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